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Review of Nutrisystem Weight Loss System

By R.M. Bottger 

    I was on the Nutrisystem Weight Loss System for five months from February 2004 to July 2004.  I hope my experience will help some of my siteís readers who may be looking for a weight loss diet. 

    Nutrisystem is a low glycemic index diet.  Glycemic Index measures how fast carbohydrates enter the blood stream.  Foods with a high glycemic index are broken down quickly.  This causes a sharp spike in blood glucose levels which causes a sharp rise in insulin production.  The sharp rise in insulin production causes a sharp drop in blood glucose levels which leaves the person feeling hungry.  Foods with a low glycemic index are broken down more slowly which causes the nutrients to be released into the blood stream at a slow, steady pace.  Consequently, blood glucose levels remain fairly steady, and the person does not get as hungry.


The Benefits of the Nutrisystem Plan 

    The price was less than $9.00 per day, which was less than I was paying for food before I went on this diet.  I think the price is reasonable for the amount of food. However, the diet plan does require that  you purchase dairy products, vegetables, and fruits separately from the Nutrisystem food package; therefore, one should not make the mistake of thinking that the cost of the Nutrisystem is the only money that one is going to have to spend on food for the 28 days.  

    I ordered directly from Nutrisystemís website.  From their site, you can choose your individual meals; if you order from some other source, you just get a variety pack and are not able to customize the selections. 

    Nutrisystem offers a wide variety of meals to choose from.  You can choose 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 snacks.     For breakfast, you can choose from 17 items including a variety of granola bars, cereals, muffins, and eggs.  For lunch, you can choose from 24 items including yogurt, soups, pasta salad, ham sandwiches, hot dogs, and sloppy joes.  For dinner you can choose from 34 entrees including pizza, tacos, seafood, hamburgers, and lasagna.  For snacks, you can choose from 19 items including chocolates, chips, shakes, puddings, and biscotti.  The variety of foods helps alleviate the boredom often associated with dieting.  I think that just about anybody could find foods they like on this diet. 

    All of the foods that I tried on this diet program were really good.  In fact, they were so good that I had trouble keeping my non-dieting family members away from them.  

    The Nutrisystem foods do not require refrigeration which is a good thing since most of us do not have a freezer or refrigerator big enough to contain 28 days worth of food.  This makes them easy to take with you when you are on the go. 

    I lost 2 to 3 pound each week that I was on Nutrisystem diet plan.   

    I really did not feel very hungry on the Nutrisystem diet plan.  I really did not feel deprived.


The Drawbacks of the Nutrisystem Plan 

    Nutrisystem  has a quality control problem with the food itself.  For example, I liked the chocolate chip granola bars.  However, sometimes they contained many chocolate chips and sometimes they only contained a few chocolate chips.  The tacos sometimes contained 3 taco shells and sometimes they contained 4 taco shells.  One time I got a bag of Nutricrunch chocolates that contained chocolate chips mixed in with the crunch chocolates.  Obviously, nutrition information contained on the packaging, including calorie count, cannot be counted on for accuracy when there are such variations in the product.  Of course, accurate nutritional information is very important when on a diet. 

    Furthermore, many of the individual packages of food that I received were open with the food spilling out.  This damage was not received in shipping because in each instance the large box that the food was shipped in was undamaged.  In each instance, Nutrisystem replaced the damaged food.  However, I spent a lot of time on the phone and writing e-mails in order to get the problems worked out.   

    I spent a lot of time choosing which foods I wanted.  However, many of the orders contained the wrong items.  The last order I received was somebody elseís order all together.  I called Nutrisystem about the problem.  The person I talked to said that she would send Fedex back to pick up the wrong order and that she would send me the correct order.  The next week when the bad order was not picked up and the new order did not arrive, I called back and talked to Karen, customer service supervisor.  She arranged to have the bad order picked up and had the correct order sent overnight express.  However, I spent a lot of time on the phone to try to get this problem straightened out.   

    The last month that I was on the Nutrisystem diet program, I received an e-mail from this company stating that their Nutricrunch Chocolates (my favorite snack, of course) had too many calories per serving and that, consequently, they were reducing the size of the portions of the Nutricrunch Chocolates in the future.  This seems to me to be a very elementary mistake for a company that produces diet foods to make, and certainly does not speak well of the company.



    I liked the food and lost weight at a steady pace on this diet.  However, I quit the program before I had lost all of the weight I wanted to lose because I got tired of all the hassles of dealing with this poorly managed company. 













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