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Social Security Disability Benefits for Kidney Disease, Other Disorders of the Urinary Tract, and Reproductive Organs

By R. M. Bottger

            Here is what it takes to qualify for Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income disability benefits due to kidney problems, other disorders of the urinary tract, and disorders of the reproductive organs.

            If you have cancer of the urinary tract or reproductive organs, please, see the article on cancer on this website. (See Disability Benefits for Cancer.) If you have kidney disease, this article describes what the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires for you to receive disability benefits based on your kidney disease. If you have other disorders of the urinary tract or reproductive system, you will not be found disabled. Frequent urination, incontinenece, and other bladder problems are not disabling. Pregnancy, impotence, hysterectomy, and infertility are not disabling.

If you are found eligible for Social Security disability benefits (not Supplemental Security Income) for any impairment other than kidney disease, there is a two-year waiting period before you are eligible for Medicare. However, the two-year waiting period is waived for those found to be disabled due to kidney disease.

     Impairment of renal function, due to any chronic renal disease expected to last 12 months (e.g., hypertensive vascular disease, chronic nephritis, nephrolithiasis, polycystic disease, bilateral hydronephrosis, etc.) will be found disabling if it meets one of the following criteria:
  • Chronic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis necessitated by irreversible renal failure, or
  • Kidney transplant. Consider under a disability for 12 months following surgery, or
  • Persistent elevation of serum creatinine to 4 mg. per deciliter (100 ml.) or greater or reduction of creatinine clearance to 20 ml. per minute (29 liters/24 hours) or less, over at least 3 months, with one of the following:
    • Renal osteodystrophy manifested by severe bone pain and appropriate radiographic abnormalities (e.g., osteitis fibrosa, marked osteoporosis, pathologic fractures); or
    • A clinical episode of pericarditis; or
    • Persistent motor or sensory neuropathy; or
    • Intractable pruritus; or
    • Persistent fluid overload syndrome resulting in diastolic hypertension (110 mm. or above) or signs of vascular congestion; or
    • Persistent anorexia with recent weight loss with persistent weight below the level listed in the charts at the bottom of this article ; or
    • Persistent hematocrits of 30 percent or less


  • Nephrotic Syndrome, with significant anasarca, persistent for at least 3 months despite prescribed therapy will be considered disabling if it meets one of the following criteria.
      • Serum albumin of 3.0 gm. per deciliter (100 ml.) or less and proteinuria of 3.5 gm. per 24 hours or greater; or
      • Proteinuria of 10.0 gm. per 24 hours or greater



Height Without Shoes (inches)

Weight (pounds)

   61 95   
   62 98   
   63 100   
   64 103   
   65 106   
   66 109   
   67 112   
   68 116   
   69 119   
   70 122   
   71 126   
   72 129   
   73 133   
   74 136   
   75 139   
   76 143   



Height Without Shoes (inches)

Weight (pounds)

   58 82   
   59 84   
   60 87   
   61 89   
   62 92   
   63 94   
   64 97   
   65 100   
   66 104   
   67 107   
   68 111   
   69 114   
   70 117   
   71 121   
   72 124   
   73 128   













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